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Visionary Breathwork Ceremony
7:00 PM (America/Denver)
Sacred Ally
Visionary Breathwork is a system of conscious connected breathing used as a means to support increased awareness, personal transformation, and overall health & well-being. Also referred to as psychedelic breathwork, transcendental breathwork and shamanic breathwork, this powerful modality acts as a bridge to altered states of consciousness.

When used in specific ways, breathing allows us to release and resolve emotions, belief systems, stresses and memories which are often inaccessible through more conventional therapies.

Breathwork is an important tool because it is one of the most effective methods to access and transform limitation in the subconscious mind and the emotional body. This practice facilitates a conscious relationship with our mind, body and spirit by bringing awareness to that which is calling for our attention.

Benefits of Breathwork
Reduces stress and increases energy, aliveness & sense of well-being.
Improves mental clarity and memory.
Supports the awakening to your soul’s purpose and authentic self.
Activates the release of toxins, emotions, and stagnant energy from the cells of the body.
Supports the identification and release of limiting thoughts, beliefs, and patterns.
Helps clear, balance, and amplify your energetic frequency.
Facilitates deep meditative states and present moment awareness.
Increases one’s ability to cultivate deep and meaningful authentic relationships.
Supports more efficient oxygen use and better cardiovascular health.
Helps one understand the source of dis-ease and supports the release of physical symptoms.
Increases mind & body connection.
Supports increased confidence and self-esteem.
Helps one embody a greater sense of self-worth, self-love & self-acceptance.
Empowers one to live their most vibrant and fulfilling life path.

In this ceremony, we will create a safe and sacred space for you to connect with your deepest desires to set your intentions for the session. You will then journey with the breath for one hour. It goes by quickly as you enter a transcendental state of consciousness. We will guide you out with the grounding frequencies of crystal bowls. The evening will end with an opportunity to share your experience.

We want to express that Sacred Ally is a container in which you can show up as you are. Breathwork is an opportunity to transform and transmute aspects of yourself that are ready to heal and evolve. This practice is very powerful and we honor privacy and safety within the container.

Please bring:
-Eye mask or scarf if you have one. Eye masks are optional. Many people prefer darkness as it helps tune your attention inward to what is ready to work with.
-Water bottle- hydrate that magnificent body!
-Comfy clothes
-Journal if you like to write down your experience after.
-Any personal sacred objects that will empower your experience
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Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Sacred Ally
Address: 130 E Broadway St Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: N/A

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