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Holy Bread & The Snow Calls Art :: Film also Special Events :: Online
Holy Bread & The Snow Calls
10:00 AM
Available to stream anytime February 21-24

Holy Bread
In his last film, late Director Rahim Zabihi followed Kurdish kulbars for nine years to document their lives. A group of mostly men, who driven by poverty, hunger, and despair, perform the highly dangerous work of transporting goods across the Iranian border. On foot, they carry their loads along mountain paths that are rocky, steep, slippery with snow, or blisteringly hot. The men’s journeys are matched with harrowing stories, as some can barely hold back tears as they talk about their experiences en route. No one chooses to become a kulbar (meaning “weary” or “desperate” in Farsi), it is an unavoidable consequence of not having any other form of work to support their families.

The Snow Calls
After bearing three daughters, Mina has just one more chance: her next child has to be a boy or her husband will marry another woman according to tradition and the rules of the Bakhtiari tribe. This time, Mina decides not to have an ultrasound, for fear of the result. As the snowdrifts become deeper, and the outside door will barely open anymore, the atmosphere in the household becomes increasingly oppressive. Will there be a happy ending with the birth of a son, or are we watching a life that is about to fall apart? THE SNOW CALLS is an intimate portrait about the painful tension between love and age-old tradition.

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